I was thinking about something while writing a letter to someone who had betrayed me a long time ago. As I was writing, I made the statement, “When you betrayed me, you betrayed yourself.”

I wrote that just before I was about to write “That’s why it’s better to sacrifice oneself, than to cause someone else pain for the sake of our happiness, because when we sacrifice others, we destroy what we thought was true about ourselves.”

That led me to ponder God, and some things Jesus said.

I am left wondering if that is why God sacrificed Himself instead of us. If God were to destroy us for the sake of His own rightness, would He cease being what He claims to be? Would He cease being love? Would He ever have been able to be love in the first place? Anger, rightness and love are all things He has been called. But anger doesn’t mean a lack of love. Rightness does not mean a lack of love. Love stands by itself, and is only love if it is lasting.

Of course, the ramifications of this are huge. If it is true, then everyone would benefit from God’s mercy, not just a few. For how could God betray Himself; is it even possible? Or does Love mean forever? Is God angry yet loving? And if He is, will love win out? I believe God can be angry, in fact, I can’t see how He couldn’t get angry. But I believe He is love, and love washes over a multitude of anger.

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