There is a lady in Houston who works for a television station who will be doing a story on the choking game. She emailed me to ask me for help, and to let me know her plans.

I have but one thing to say about that.:

Thank you to you all. It is because of you, and because of Real Live Preacher, that this woman stumbled across my blog when doing research for her story. It is sheer numbers according to the google search, and that means you guys are the reason the numbers added up. I am glad stories are being told. That's what the gospel is, isn't it? A story?

Some stories are good. Some stories are heartbreaking...they are all the gospel, when you know Jesus is amongst us. These stories are lives ever-changed. To me, that is what the gospel is, the story of changed lives. You go in one direction all of your life, and then the gospel turns you in another. And what can we do but tell this to someone else, even if it is a heartbreaking story sometimes?

Thank you again, for stopping by, leaving all your somments. You all rock!!!!

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