As human beings, we tend to think that whatever we believe is the truth...right up to the moment we believe something else.

A fellow blogger made a brief statement about questioning things and not just accepting them wholesale. That statement reminded of something I had been pondering for a few days, but never got round to writing about it.

I guess the best thing to do here would be to just say what I was thinking about. And that thing I was thinking about was about being a questioner, a person willing to discern for himself what seems like truth, and what doesn't. As I was thinking about these things, I realized that throughout my life, the only time I had really felt empty was when I was unwilling to question what I thought to be truth.

Itr goes much deeper than that, though. It was in those moments, you see, that I simply refused to dig for the truth. I refused to question what I thought I knew. In short, I felt most empty when I let others do my thinking for me, when I took their word for truth, rather than finding out for myself.

There have been many of these times in my life. I am glad to say that over the last five years or so, that has not been the case. It's no wonder to me then, that I do not feel empty or lost. Confused at times, maybe, but I don't think confusion is a state of danger for the human heart or the mind. In fact, many times, it is confusion that drives me to seek the truth even more.

We have such an incredible capacity for information within us. We have an almost unexplainable ability for learning, even at my age. I find that when I am learning, when I am walking this path of life seeking the answers myself, I am happiest. No one can explain to me why that is. I can't open up the bible, and find the answer. I can't open up a science journal, and find the answer there.

But when I am alone, in the quiet, I hear the answer in my mind. I don't really care if this voice is mine or God's, you see. The fact is, this voice only exists at all because someone else's voice hasn't brainwashed me into believeing what they want me to believe. This voice may or may not be God's voice, I couldn't tell you for certain. But I know this one thing. This voice is inside of my head speaking to me, and to no one else. This voice is meant for my ears, and what I hear are words and thoughts that only I understand at this moment.

I think people each have a voice like this inside of them. I don't think people hear this voice well amidst all of the noise of our world. That's just an opinion, not a proven fact.

Still, I don't hear this voice when I am lazy, and unwilling to find out for myself.

There, I said it. Thanks to a statement by a fellow blogger, who had no idea those words would remind anyone of anything, I have been reminded, and now I have shared it with you.

Don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

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