Lately, I am very grateful for this blog.

I think I should rephrase that: I am very grateful for all of the people who read this blog. I am also very grateful for all the poeple who contribute by way of their comments. But even if you don't comment, still, I am very grateful for you.

You see, you have given me a reason to write. Not that what I write is needed or great or any of that. It's deeper than such shallow reasons. It's about love. I love to write, and although I may never be published, or even be good at writing, still, I love doing it. Because of you, I feel accepted, and willing to share a few of my thoughts. I am sure I would write somewhere else even if I didn't have this blog, but writing here feels like I am talking with friends, and I don't receive that anywhere else I write.

So, thank you, all of you, who stop by here and visit electronically. You have enhanced my life, and we just don't do that very often for people. I hope in some way, your life has been enhanced because you came here, too. You have made writing fun for me, and there's no price tag anyone could put on that. You all make this blog better than I ever could alone.

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