Okay. So I had a few beers tonight, and I was wondering what I would write under the influence of that, since my writing under the influence of "nothing" seems to be rather boring to me. Maybe it's not boring to you, but I assure you, reading what I write back to myself is not something I consider a great joy. Boooooooorrring.

So there I am, in a bar, visiting friends, when this blonde whom I have been watching for a while walks in with her boyfriend, whom I also know. So I stand back and stay away, in respect of their relationship.

But I wonder, what kind of relationship is it when the moment he is there, he leaves her and goes to his elctronic gambling machine, where he stayed the entire time they were there, one and a half hours.

Then, I see her looking at me, and we make eye contact. I sit back in my chair, and break the eye contact, still trying to give respect. Later, I see her making eye contact again, and I again break it off. A third time even, I catch her making eye contact. This time I hold it, and to my surprise, she holds it as well. We must have been locked eye to eye for an entire minute before I couldn't help myself and had to break it. I do respect the man. I just don't respect the way he treats her. But still, I have to break the eye contact out of that respect.

I have seen this girl numerous times, and played this eye contact game over and over. Her name is Heidi, and although we have only taked very briefly, I always felt that I could connect with her very easily on a day to day basis.

So the question is, what do I do now?

Do I continue to respect the relationship which doesn't really seem to be all that strong? Is there something to her making and holding eye contact with me? Is she waiting for me to move? What?


That's me writing after I had a few beers. Hope you liked it.

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