My daughter has a dream. She dreams of becoming an archaeologist one day.When she talks about it, she gets the same look in her eyes that she has when she talks about music. She doesn't know that she has this look, but anyone can see the joy and hope in her eyes.

I imagine she feels good, heart-good, when she thinks of archaeology. I believe she envisions being somewhere in the Middle East, or climbing the steps of a pyramid, unearthing history...she dreams. Her dreams give her a purpose, and from those dreams, she draws ambition and plans on the same canvas.

Her imagination is vivid with the details of her future work. Anticipation courses through her veins as rapidly as the blood that flows within them. She is alive, fully alive when she is dreaming and hoping, making plans and wondering at the memories she will one day make.

"That they may have life, and have it to the fullest."

I believe a full life includes not just the past and present, but dreams of the future. I believe that people dream of the future when they allow themselves to hope. A life is not as full as it can be when hope is stifled. Hope is the stuff of our dreams, and the foundation of our future possibilities.

Do you have dreams? No matter how old you are, or how much you have experienced, do you still dare to dream of impossible things, and all of their possibilities?

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