I went for an interview today. Yes, I am considering going back to being a project manager, and leaving my business to a much different version, as in, almost never.

In case you didn't know it, a while ago, I was a project manager for a construction firm in Milwaukee. My end of things was more management and sales than construction. This new job I interviewed would be a discipline of more construction and management, and very little sales. I think I like that a lot more.

Still, I don't think I will ever say no to someone who wants me to do some finish carpentry work for them, so long as it isn't too huge a project, if I take the job I interviewed for. I enjoy the aspects of doing something very well, something few people can do well, and doing it because I love it. Not everybody gets to love their job. I have been blessed because I have loved just about every job I ever had (except for that teenage stint at McDonalds). That love is what drives me to do the job well. It isn't the excitement, it isn't the pay (most definitely not the pay when you are a carpenter), and it isn't the prestige.

They say love covers over a multitude of sins. I think love also covers over a multitude of boredom, dirt, and sweat. If I take this job (if I am offered it), I know I will love it, because I loved it before. I am familiar with it in the sense that in some ways, I never really stopped managing projects, when you consider that I still manage all my own projects.

I guess in the end, love is all that really matters. Stars and rocks don't love me, but I love them. Wood and projects don't love me, but I love them. The job isn't going to love me; in fact, if I recall correctly, this job will likely try to own me. I won't let it. I'll just love it, and in that, my identity will be safe.

We'll see what happens, but of this there is no doubt; Love will win out.

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