I have done a thing I am not proud of.

A friend of mine is experiencing a new road in his life, and he joined another friend and began writing on that friend's blog. Did I welcome him back? Did I support him?

No. Instead, I attacked his beliefs on his own blog. I thought I was right to do so, and I still can't believe it took me so long to figure out that I wasn't. If I am a friend as I claim to be, well...friends don't do that.

I still have a lot of trouble with my stubborness and my inclination toward argument. And all it ever accomplishes is tension and the probability that I hurt people with my words.

I should have just said, "glad to see you back". But this was no accident. I argued from the moment I got to his blog. So on some level, I intended to cause tension.

I feel as though I have intruded once again into this man's thoughts and tried to make him feel as though his thoughts and beliefs were inferior. And it's just wrong.

There is no wise ending to this blog post. I just don't want to cause tension like that anymore. This world is hard enough without people attacking everything you say. He deserves far better. I am sorry I didn't respect his freedom to express his beliefs. Eddie, I am not a good example of Christ.

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