I currently feel like a college student again. I am working on two different Blogpost series right now, and both of them are swallowing huge amounts of my spare time due to research. That’s okay, I like researching and finding the truth about statements made, facts given, and sources quoted.

One of the best things about libraries is public funding. There are so many books available to research from, that it is mind boggling, and after a while, you just have to choose the amount of research you can honestly undertake. But all of these books are available, and woudn't be if I had to buy them myself. Then there is the internet, which in itself is a veritable gold mine of information, although to be honest, it can be difficult to find enough good information to make any sense of it because many of the articles are so short or merely quotes from a larger article that isn’t available online.

Altogether, I must admit; I like researching better than I like writing…and I like writing a lot. I could spend days reading, cross-checking, and following leads that I have found examining books and articles.

These two Blogpost series are indeed intriguing to me, because so much of them pertain to my life prior to knowing Christ, when I thought I was on the cutting edge of science information and proving the idea of Christ false. Obviously, my life took a different turn. It is simply amazing to me to see how different my beliefs are now as opposed to then. This has been an adventure, the research I am doing, showing me where I was, where I went, and where I am now. It’s sort of like a chronicle of my young life, and I look forward to sharing some of the results with you.

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