Okay. I will do this in small parts, this talking about why we don't share the gospel with everyone we meet. This is going to be a very short post, and I sort of want to know how you feel about this very first reason. Here goes.

1. We don't share the gospel with everyone we meet because we don't know what the gospel really is all that well.

That's just one reason, remember, not THE reason. There is One inside us Who can teach us. Are we willing?

In different ways, Jesus shared the gospel with just about everyone He met. (It may actually have been EVERYONE, but I don't have time tonight to prove that). Of course Jesus knew the gospel perfectly. But it is so much more than words.

For now, I'd like you to ponder the word "certainty". What does it mean? What would it be like to know and live the gospel with "certainty"?


BruceD said...

If by "sharing" you mean sharing life, sharing love, sharing hope, sharing joy... then yes, I share with everyone I encounter. I freely give what was freely given to me.

And, now and then, someone asks me "what is the reason for your great outlook on life, or your deep love, or your strong hope, or your amazing joy???" That's when I tell them "well, it all comes from my Dad... can I tell you about Him?"

Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


I think it's the all inclusiveness of the gospel that is missed too often today. Some assume it all ends with a walk down the aisle in church and that's it.

There is, of course, much more to it. The gospel grasps our entire life and impacts it all. Or at least it should.

To live it we need forgiveness, Divine strength, and daily grace. There is no other way!

I'm looking forward to these posts as they progress.

Tom Reindl said...

Bruce, Way to go!! I don't always share it with everyone I meet. Sometimes, I am too concerned about me, and I forget to love my nighbor as if he is me. I am getting somewhere with this.

Phil, Thank you. Same thing applies, I am getting somewhere.

My next post will have just a small bit to do with designated hitting. Yes, I am using a baseball term, but I think you are going to understand why. I used it because I couldn't rememeber the word I was actually going to use. Old? Me? Now, I just wantr to use designated hitter, it soundsa so applicable to the gospel.