Well, alright then. I’ve decided to do it.

What have I decided?

I am going to go out, and purchase a copy of the Koran, the Muslim Bible. I have been struggling recently with feelings of exasperation against Muslims, all because of what a few are doing in nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the Sudan, and other African and Indian countries. More like I have been fed up with it.

Several times I have almost decided to post something on this blog that definitely would not have been of the Spirit. Rather, it would have been an uninformed rant against something I don’t understand at all, done in the flesh.

I thank my God for holding me steady, for keeping me from doing that, but the thoughts I have had are almost worse in my mind. Sin is an attitude, and my attitude in this area has ranged from frustration to anger, to outrage at what is done to Christians in the name of Allah. No more.

I am led to read the Koran, not to learn their ways, or be indoctrinated in any way, but to gain an understanding in perspective. I have felt led to take a trip to the Middle East, to encourage the persecuted brothers and sisters of our Way. Yet I would be foolish to take such a trip without a better understanding of the people who live there. I have been condemning what I don’t know.

Maybe by understanding what they believe, I will be moved from a position of condemnation to true love for the lost. There is no excuse for me to love an American who doesn’t know Jesus more than a Muslim who also doesn’t.

If you know where I could pick up an inexpensive copy, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Also, if you are willing, I would thank you for your prayers for me and my daughter, for protection, and guidance. I truly am thankful for all of you who read this blog. You are far more than I deserve, and maybe someday the quality of this blog will match the quality of the people who read it. Take care in Christ, good hope to you all, and may Christ come quickly again.


Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


I did the same thing about a year ago. I've read through it once and to be honest I couldn't make much sense of it. It's not really like the Bible. And to be honest it seems like a lot of it is rather disjointed, highly subject to interpretation. I think that may be why islam is basically a de-centralized religion, with all those immans making procolmations and fatwahs.

Another good read if you have time is by a man named Stephen Schwartz, who is a muslim. The title is "The Two Faces of Islam."

He traces the history of how the wahabi sect basically hijacked the religion and made it even worse than it was at the time.

Technidiva said...

Hi Tom!

You probably have already explored these avenues but there is a lot of information online about the Qur'an. Here are a few sites that I have not explored but look promising for information.


I pray that you will gain the insite that you are looking for, and in this insite, gain a better wisdom of what the Truth is. Even though I am confident that this won't be an issue for you in your faith.


Tom Reindl said...

Thank you Phil and Trish, I am looking forward to getting this under way, as I can't stand the way I am in my mind toward Muslims. If you want to pray for anything, ask God to help me not be prejudiced against them regardless of what I learn. I'll pray for you all as well.

Deb said...

I'll be anxious to read your thoughts on this Tom. I really commend you for seeking to understand their perspective before writing.

Praying for you!!