My boy’s club met last night, and it was a night when my protégé led. He did a wonderful job, and I have no doubt he’ll continue doing well in the ministry after I am gone. I will be taking on a much smaller, more intimate group, that I like to call "intensive community building". We are going to take the boy’s club several steps further, be more deeply involved in each other’s lives, and I am excited.

A question was asked last night, and I’d like to continue the discussion here. Why don’t we introduce Jesus to everyone we meet?

That’s the question. We covered a lot of reasons, but I’d like to know a few of yours. Then, we can discuss how we can change that, IF we can change it. What does it take, and what would it look like to introduce everyone we meet to the Jesus in us? That’s where this is going, but for now, why don’t we already? Thank you all.


BruceD said...

Just as God looks at us and sees only Jesus, isn't that the way everyone should see us?

I think the problem comes when we don't fully realize our redemption to the Father through Christ. We allow guilt and shame to creep into our lives and this acts like a basket over our light. Why do we do that? Could it be that cultural religion doesn't teach "freedom from guilt and shame" through the person of Christ? Could it be that they're more concerned with the teaching of guilt-and-shame producing "religion" than they are "liberty of Christ"?

I don't know, just thinking out loud...

Chuck Wilensky said...

And do not forget that God gave us eyes that we might understand His words. Look at these lovely illustrations of quotations from the Holy Bible

Technidiva said...

Because not everyone that we come into contact with is ready to receive it.

Yes, there is a change in our lives when our faith and our hope is shown through who we are. But some people cant get pass their own self-centeredness to see or desire to get to know who you are to even question why there is that "something" that is different. If you sit them down and explain to them who Christ is, chances are you will get an answer back similiar to:
"How lovely for you to find something in your life that you can turn to"
"Christianity is just all too complicated" (My husband actually got that statement last week from someone he shared the gospel with!)

We should never be ashamed of giving the reason for our hope.

1 Peter 3
15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

So I think that we should be sharing the gospel in a way that shows it from within our lives. I feel the most important thing to telling people about the gospel is to start it off by first having a relationship with that person. Thats what Jesus does for us. He desired to have a relationship with us, one that would change our lives forever.


Emily said...

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Deb said...

I think it's important to develop a relationship with people and let them see Jesus in me first. Then, they are more receptive.

Elaine said...

Tom, Hi!
Did you ever wonder why every time Jesus went into a new town he had to preform maricles befor they would belive? People heard stories and live accounts of Jesus's power, yet they had to see for themselves, was this really true? And even then some did not belive.
Tom, you do introduce Jesus to every one you meet. They get to "see" Jesus in us, how we act, what we do. When a person is ready to see the miricals they will ask...
How sad that mankind has not changed in over 2 thousand years.

Tom Reindl said...

Thanks for responding guys and gals. :)

I will put my twenty seven dollars and sixteen cents worth in the form of a post, possibly tonight if I don't fall asleep at the keyboard. You are all, by the way, RIGHT!! But, there is more, as we all know, and some of it goes very, very deep. Love you all.