It’s Halloween!!

What a sore day for some. For so long, many Christians have decided to try Halloween “alternatives”. Not this believer!!! I am going trick-or-treating with a good friend of mine, my daughter, and his daughter. There will be some who will ask how we can honor the prince of darkness like this?

Here is my answer. On what other day of the year will my neighbors come knocking on my door? Furthermore, on what day of the year will I go knocking on my neighbor’s doors?

What an opportunity to get to know them!! We can visit fifty houses, and introduce ourselves to each other. There may be one or two whom we will actually get to know better, maybe more! Without Halloween day, those meetings would never happen.

I don’t care about Satan’s day, or the word Halloween. I am going trick-or-treating, and I am going to meet my neighbors, again!!

I can’t wait!! Good hope to you all, and to all your neighbors.


BruceD said...

That's the way I see it too, Tom. In fact, instead of promoting evil, I see it as "mocking evil". It's like the kids are saying, "go ahead, try to scare me. I know it's not real, I'm not afraid."

I think it would be more offensive to christians if kids dressed up like little christians (coat & tie, and plain-colored jumpers) and went door to door playing the part. "Won't you say this prayer with us?" Won't you come to our church?" "Do you know you'll go to hell if you don't do as we say?" "Here, read this tract and call me if you have any questions."

BruceD said...

By the way. How are you doing, Tom?

Technidiva said...


We Trick or Treated in 33 degree weather last night! My first Halloween in Idaho..Brrrrrr!

Trick or Treating is a great tradition that is celebrated all over. Its a tradition, not a ceremony, not a ritual, not a celebration of "the prince of darkness". Just a fun time out with the kids!


Tom Reindl said...

Tecnidiva; It was rather chilly by us last night, too. Our city tried to light a bonfire in the park down from my house, and failed at it, because the wood they used was soaking wet from the rain the last couple days. Sad, we could have used some heat. I tried to suggest they use gasoline, but they weren't buyin' it.

Bruce, We had a blast, and I am doing "okay". And...I think it's okay to be doing "okay". It's not great, but it's certainly not bad, either. I am overextended at work. Too much work, not enough time. Feast or famine, ya know? The question I have is, do I make the repairs, and buy the tools I am going to need to replace now, or wait to see if this work continues first? Tough questions.

How about you? Is the long job hunt over? I have been praying for you, brother, not that I would stop just because you got a job. But, I am hoping for a great answer to prayers concerning you. Hope all is well, as I know it is with your soul.

Beloved said...

I like how you reframed what I could get out of the day Tom... I read your blog on Halloween and was thankful for the opportunity & excuse to be able to visit neighbors!!