Freedom. What is it? How do we come to possess it? I am full of questions tonight, and I don’t want to provide the answers to these questions. I know they are tough questions, but if you are willing, I would really appreciate you giving your view on the freedom we have in Christ.

Are we free? Some would have us believe we have been freed from one Law, and set as prisoners into a whole new set of rules and regulations, sort of do’s and don’ts. My questions here have to do with what true freedom really is. Does anyone know? Is it elusive? Does it play tricks on us, telling us one moment we can do this, but don’t do that the next moment?

Just what is this freedom? How does it fit into your life? Or, do you fit into freedom? If you have an opinion, I’d like to read it, if you are willing. Thank you.


Elaine said...

Freedom can be many different things. The concept of freedom in Christ is a freedom from bondage. Bondage is rather simply put; an addiction, (an addiction can be many things beyond achaol, drugs, sex, it includs shopping, beliving in lies,- it is anything you have to have, or do, and you will literly do any thing to get/do it. This thing gives one a high, short lived then they need more.
Freedom in Christ: Christ and the Holy Spirit "lift"
a person out of bondage. It is rarley easy but with the Spirit in you, suddenly you can "bear" more. It dose take time and a surendering of ones self.This is often done in layers.
The BIG differince in Christ is the High dosen't go away, a prayer and keeping in the word gives one a peace, they never had known.
The rules and regulations in Christ are differing (I don't like refering to the rules of life that way) They are what you should do as you grow in Christ. A new beliver is not ready to change over night. It is a growing process, and when one falles, the brothers and sisters need to be there to help them, as we all fall and fall short.
Bondage=never being satisified, always needing more
Christ= a peace never known before and growth=fruit
Tom this is a real shrot explnation, I have books on it if you would like to borrow them.
And once in a while there is even a marical. I know of one, upon the acceptance of Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I no longer had any desire for drugs. Tom I have a very dark past, and only through the grace of God am I here. I hadn't done drugs for many years yet I still harbored the desire for them. If I had been given the chance I know I would have done them. then more and more, I don't want to think about it.
Yet these are the people I have a heart to reach.
Hope I was of some help.

SteveW said...

Freedom from the threat of death. Freedom from the consequences of my shortcomings. Freedom from having to do anything to earn Life though simply trusting Christ. Is that not how we all possess it? Your flesh just doesn't want you to believe that it is that simple. We ARE FREE because of the cross. Because of "I AM". You ARE FREE to live abundantly Tom. Bless you my friend.

Beloved said...

Hi Tom... that's such a good question, and it has so many answers depending on the heart of those asked. For me, freedom is something that I need to learn to recieve fully from the Father. For me, there is a question of 'is this freedom or is this flesh'? Does that make sense? Ulitmately I know it's all where my heart is, and that is focussed on Him, if I keep Him as my gaze and focus in trust, then everything is in freedom...

btw, I'll send salsa on mon! : D

BruceD said...

Tom and friends, I've come to think of freedom not as something you can attain, but as the result of losing something else. Just like peace comes when we lose the need to worry, and trust comes when we lose the desire for self-sufficiency... freedom comes when we lose the bonds that hold us. In itself, it's not something we can gain, but something you end up with when our layers of bonds are stripped away. We can't strive for freedom, but we can gain it when we allow Jesus to rid us of our chains... chains we didn't even know we had.

MC Hendrick said...

I love the idea that the bible gives us. That through Jesus, we are free to be a servant for Him. How incredible are those words?

Tom Reindl said...

MC Hendrick,

Thank you, and welcome. Yes, I am free to be a servant of Christ. Now, do I REALLY believe I am a servant? Or, does my flesh have more of me than I care to admit to anyone? I would have my flesh be burned, and me with the Lord in Heaven right now. But, I am here, and since I am, I long to not waste the time in slavery to my flesh.