I am too tired to write much tonight. I only have so little to say, anyway.

I just wanted to say that my God is indescribably wonderful. He moves, and I react. He plans, and I work. He gives, and I receive. He leads, and I follow. Thank you God.

And thank you, all.


Reid Bradley said...

Tom Reindl for President!!!!

Technidiva said...

I just want to say... I don't believe in coincidences!
Good is good and gives us what we need when we need it.

Not to give much details but had a family crisis last night (Teenager angst) and today he gave me the tools to deal with it in a way that could only have come from Him.

Thank you Lord, you are ever so good to me even as I don't deserve it.


Tom Reindl said...


I'm laughing at that!! :D

You must have just watched the debate. I think we need someone younger, like you. The old folks (politicians) just aren't "mainstream" enough to get what it means to be middle class. Maybe a drop in salary for them? To say...oh....fifteen thousand a year? That might get them understanding the plight of lower middle class people.

Tom Reindl said...

Trish, mine isn't a teenager ...yet. By God's grace, she will be. Any hints?

Technidiva said...


Aww man.. I missed the debate! I host a growth group at my house on Wednesday nights!

As for teenagers, raise them up in the Word and they will come back to it. PRAY,then PRAY MORE!

For teenage girls its best to let them know that they are not the only ones feeling the way they do. Its something that all girls go through! I just picked up a book today that Dr. James Dobson recommended for raising teenagers. Its called "Mom, I hate my life!" by Sharon Hersh.

I'll let you know what I have gleaned from it when I am done reading!

PS: I am thinking about changing my blogging name to "Grace Note" since I more into my music them my computers these days!

Beloved said...

you make me smile!! :D

Tom Reindl said...

Trish, Thanks for the advice. I need all I can get. Did I say that already? :) I like Technidiva, but a name change isn't a bad thing, it sort of shows a change in a season of life.

Monica, I make you laugh? Thank you, although sometimes I do wonder if it's just bad writing that causes reactions like that. Some people have actually told me they cried when they read what I wrote. :D