Well, I’ve done it. I have managed to spend too much time, and now I don’t have enough left for tonight. What am I going to do?

Can I borrow some of yours? Is that possible?

Here is a thought. How much time do we spend on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to that question?

It is simple really. We could say that we spend time doing this or that, but that’s not the answer. The answer is, we spend all of the time we have, every day.

However, what we spend our time on can make a great deal of difference on whether we have enough time left to be available. I am not available tonight. No one is going to meet the Jesus in me anymore today. I simply don’t have enough time. I have to be home, with my daughter, and making a late supper, because I didn’t have time to eat earlier.

Should that cause me some guilt? Never! I simply cannot be all places at once, doing all things at once. There are many people I met today, and I hope they met the Jesus in me, each one of them. I suspect, however, that not all of them did. I made a mistake, and wore a watch today, and it dictated to a certain extent where I had to be, when, doing what.

If I have one purpose from God, and I am busy doing it, it is simple to see that I cannot be doing something else at the same time, unless it is something which allows me to do two things at once. If I am telling a person how to frame out a doorway, I can not at the same time tell him about Jesus. However, there is hope. I can, in my manner towards him, tell him about Jesus in a different way. The question is, will I FEEL like I have enough time?

Ahhh, I bet you thought the third reason we don’t share the gospel with everyone we meet was time. May it never be!!

The third reason is our “feelings”, or emotions. If I feel I cannot act a certain way because it would take too much time, that feeling is dictating to me what I can, and cannot do. So, how do we combat that? Any of you have ideas? This is the time to share them. The floor is open.

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Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


I don't have any great bolts of inspiration here. I know it's my feelings that get in my way most often.

What I don't understand about myself is how I sometimes avoid sharing and then, when I finally do I feel so fulfilled. I don't think I ever feel better. And yet I all too often avoid sharing or witnessing.

I think it may be just a matter of obedience for me. Obedience and trust.