I am not going to post tonight about my views on why we don’t introduce the gospel to everyone we meet. I am much too crabby to do it justice.

Yes, instead of that, I am going to post about being crabby. I was so very crabby today. It was one of those days where everything I put my hand to turned bad. I did not react well, and I am ashamed to even admit it.

But, that shame isn’t going to stop me from posting about it. Here is where I shamelessly ask you to pray for me, if you are willing. What can you pray about?

Here is my list:

1. I was crabby
2. I was as impatient as a two year old, and threw many mental temper tantrums. Since I can’t confine myself to a corner for a “timeout”, something else has to happen.
3. I felt like I was being tested, and now I only feel like I failed.
4. I prayed about this all day long, and still found very little peace throughout my day.
5. As things piled up, it got worse for me “mood” wise. Seldom do circumstances affect my emotions, but today they did for some reason.
6. I didn’t take it out on anyone, so we can all thank God for the restraint He gave me.
7. Several times, I used four letter words as adjectives, inside of my mind. To me, it’s the same as saying it out loud.
8. What happened to my self-control?

Ever have days like this? I don’t have them very often. Not “crabby” days. Not days when I am so bucky that nothing seems to change this foul mood I am in. Did I just say “foul”? Yes, I believe I have found the proper adjective for my mood. Unfortunately, Unkymoods doesn’t have a cartoon for “foul”.

I am begging for your prayers, just for peace above all. If I have that, circumstances are nothing. Thanks, and I have already prayed for most of you today, and will more. God’s good hope to you.

PS: Blogger is super slow tonight. Oh no!!! Agghhhh!!!!!! :(


Technidiva said...


I know you are in a foul mood but I have to tell you something... the crabby "Unkymood" picture just makes me giggle!

Save your worries for another time, Christ loves you today


Tom Reindl said...

And your comment made me giggle, Trish. Thanks. It's a new day, and the peace I didn't have yesterday was given me last night in my rest. A BRAND NEW DAY!! We've never had this day before, you just can't know what all will happen. I tell that to my daughter once in a while. God is telling me that today. Thank you.

Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


This is a new day. Glad to see that things are on the upswing. My wife and I had some struggles yesterday too. She's about two months from retirement and it's a difficult time at work. She sees the things that need to be done the right way and also sees that too much of upper management is focused on personal agendas vs. doing what's right.

We just to get to about five to six weeks before retirement and the looking forward to retirement will become the primary focus.

Deb said...

I'm praying for you Tom. I hope today is a better day. I was a little crabby yesterday too. Maybe it was a Monday thing?

BruceD said...

It's alright, bro. In the kingdom, you're allowed to be exactly who you are, warts and all. No pretending is needed. I have a very strong feeling that God wants us to be absolutely real with him, just as he is completely real with us. We can't disillusion him, because he has no illusions of us. He knows exactly who we are and what makes us tick.

So, don't hide from him. If you're crabby, tell him. If you're angry, tell him. If you're happy, tell him. Authenticity in relationships call for openess and honesty. Anything less is fake and wastes everyone's time.

And, I think that when we're being tested, it's not to find out if we fail or not, it's to let us learn something about ourselves, and something about God. His tests are not pass-or-fail, they are him saying, "hey, let me show you something about our relationship, and let me help you trust me more." Know what I mean?

Tom Reindl said...

Thanks, guys. Today was much more peaceful, even though things weren't going smoothly It was a return to the real me, the one that doesn't get all bucky about problems. My job is about solving problems that would make the normal "do-it-yourself" carpenter run for the hills, and hire me. If I get bucky like I did yesterday, then I'm in the wrong business.

You know, the best part about today was that I "felt" prayed for. That put a smile on my face immediately, and it pretty much stayed there.