I was involved in a wonderful discussion this weekend, centering around whether fear is something we should be using to draw people to God.   Check out Bruce's YBMT blog here
http://weblogs.oxegen.us/ybmt) where the discussion began.  Anyway, I made the mistake of saying that God does use fear, as well as evil at times towards His Sovereign will.  Here is where I give a disclaimer.  God is not evil, ever.  Nor does He sin.  Let's keep that as our premise.  My comment did not meet with much approval.  It met with some open-theism, as well as people who really struggle believing that God would ever have anything to do with evil.
Over the next couple of days, I will be researching the positions of "Predestination", as well as "free will".  During those days, I will try to include as much of what I learned as possible, here.
I believe unshakably in predestination.  I believe it is the only way to a true gospel of grace, one that requires absolutely no duty, service, work, or choice on our part.   However, you may not believe in predestination.  I understand that, and I am in no way telling you that you must agree with my stance on the doctrine of predestination.  All I ask is that you carefully consider everything I post here, prior to making a snap judgment about me, or God, especially God.
One of the things that bothers people most about predestination is the idea that Gods creates some for destruction.  Many people feel that if He is a God who can do that, then He is not a God worthy of worship.  You may feel the same way.  I understand.  But there is a danger in feeling that way.  You see, if predestination is true, and I'm not guaranteeing that it is, but if it is, then what have we just said to God?  You may need to think about that question, because predestination may very well be true. 
What is predestination?  It is the doctrine that God chose people for sonship, literally for salvation, while others, He does not.  It is the cornerstone of the belief that God knows all, for if He does not know who will be saved, then we cannot say that God knows all.  But if God is truly all-knowing, then predestination is true.  There is no way around it.  So, we will embark these next few days (with brief interludes for research) on discovering if God is willing to give us a revelation to an understanding of predestination.  I am hopeful He will.  However, many came before me trying the same thing, and who am I?  My stance is that God chose us, we did not choose Him.  If we believe in a gospel of grace without any works to earn salavtion, then it must also be without choice.  That is my stance.  That doesn't mean it doesn't feel like choice.  It just means that if the decision is left up to us, then it is salvation through our effort, no matter how small the effort is.
I want to leave you with a couple of questions.  If you believe God is not worthy of worship because He created some for destruction, then is He worthy of worship because billions who came before us never had a chance to hear the gospel?  Since Jesus rose from the dead, the gospel is the means for coming to a saving faith in Christ.  Not only that, but the gospel is not just for Jews, but for gentiles as well.  However, prior to Christ, there were billions of gentiles who walked this earth who never had a chance to hear the gospel, nor ever knew anyone Jewish who could have introduced them to the prophecies of the coming Messiah.  Therefore it would follow that these Gentiles never had a chance, regardless of whether predestination is true or not.  So, even if God does not create some for destruction only, there is still the problem of how we view God with regards to the billions who never even heard of Christ.  Paul answered that in Romans chapter one, but for you, that may not be enough.  Is God still holy, even though billions never had a chance to hear the gospel?  Can you worship a God like that?  I can, and soon, I will give my reasons why.  Until then, grace be upon you.  Thank you.

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