Tonight is another one of those nights where I have nothing to write about. You are now enetering the Tommyzone, that strange place where the inside of my head pours out through little plastic squares we call keys...on a keyboard. And from there, these nonsensical strikes will form words on your screen, but first they will form words on my screen.

Yes! I am writing for the sake of writing, again! That's a bit odd, isn't it, you ask? You don't know me very well. If you did, you wouldn't have to ask, you'd know I am much more than just a little odd. Ask my daughter, she'll tell you.

I think sometimes I revel in my oddness, I think I actually like being so weird that I make people scratch their heads in wonder. Well, maybe I don't revel in that, but I do celebrate my strangeness at times. And when I do, I feel God's eyes smiling. That, too, may sound odd, but it isn't to me. It's exhilirating.

Have I ever told you that I am easily one of the most irritating people you will ever meet? Not that I would simply be irritating just by being me, at least I hope not. Rather, when I turn it on, I can bug anyone, and I mean ANYONE. Ghandi would have cursed me and sucker-punched me if I had decided to irritate him. There is little wonder that my daughter is able to adjust to the abnormal so well. She has a father who loves bugging her. However, I don't really try to bug her too much; I always stop when she tells me to because I want her to grow up knowing that she doesn't have to take abuse, and that her "no" means something.

But yep, that's me. As irritating as the day is long if I set my mind to it. Is that something to be proud of? Probably not, which is why I don't really consider this post a proud post. It's more of an informational post, for your benefit.

I used to drive my mom nuts. Then I drove my little brother nuts, and told him it was good for him. I took to calling this ability to irritate him "Attitude lessons". He forgave me a long time ago...I think.

To sum this silly post up, I guess I would describe myself as persistent, irritatingly so. But that persistence has served me well over the years. Is it my fault that it also irritates people?

How may I irritate you today?


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