Have you ever felt as if you were close to discovering something, only to find out that you didn’t know enough about what you were discovering, or couldn’t find the information you needed to verify it?

That is how I feel lately. I feel as though I am on the border of a great truth, but for whatever reason, I can’t quite get it. I’ve been there for a while, actually.

Maybe it is pride that keeps me from crossing the line to discovery. Maybe it is fear. I can’t quite get what I need in order to say, “Okay, that’s it, I know it now”.

Everything about this discovery tells me I am not going to get any more information, at least not of the type I am used to. I get the impression I have to look in a different place, that the usual places won’t give me the answers I need. I got that impression so very strongly early this evening as I was contemplating this discovery with God.

I am entreating God to simply tell me, and I sense that either He is and I am not understanding Him, or I already have the discovery, and don’t realize it yet.

I know, that didn’t make much sense, did it? Now you know how I feel.

Yet there is this tremendous surge of confidence that I will know, that the breakthrough will be made, and I will be better for it. I sense a deeper harmony at the end of this discovery, which really would be just the beginning of something new, something fuller, something more complete.

I am not ready to tell you what it is, but when I have reached that point, I will be sure to.

Thank you.

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