I was driving the kids home from school again this afternoon, and I heard something that sent me off on a laughing binge. It was hilarious.

Torie is one of my daughter Ally's best friends. She is also a very lively, excitable, and rambunctious teenager. Anything can come out of her mouth at any time, and when it does, be ready, because often what she says will crack you up without warning.

This afternoon, as I was driving, the girls in the back seat were having a small conversation about nothing. From out of the blue, in a very serious voice, Torie asks, "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak Spanish with an Australian accent?"

I couldn't help myself, I laughed immediately and hard. Only Torie could say something so seriously, and mean it.

Then, she started to try and speak Spanish with an Australian accent. Can you imagine it?

I'm still laughing. Thank you God for small joys.

ps: I have a new name to describe raising a teenage daughter. I call it
The Semi-Interactive-Spectator-Sport

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