5:40 AM

It is Wednesday morning, 5:40 am, and the thought I will be leaving home with is, "you are loved by God".

Now, I suppose intellectually, I have known that for quite some time. Even emotionally, I have known His love, felt it. But lately, the knowledge of His love sticks with me far more throughout the day than it ever has. That changes things a bit.

What does it change?

Well, for starters, it changes the way I see people, and thus, the way I interact with them. I guess I could try really, really, really hard to treat all of them nicely, and maybe that would be a worthwhile endeavor. But I am finding that it is a much simpler and purer thing to love someone else when I feel loved by God, really loved.

Do I have any advice for you? No.

But I can tell you that God allowed me to seek His love. Not that it wasn't already given to me. He just allowed me to seek it, to find out if it was real, to see if I could actually feel it. I didn't need a bible or a preacher for that. All I needed was to listen.

That's all folks.

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