What am I going to write?

That’s the question I asked myself just before I typed it. The answer is, I have no idea. I just know I want to write. Maybe it doesn’t matter what I write…maybe, just maybe, I am going to write for the sheer enjoyment of it again. To all of you who come here to read, I am sorry, tonight is for me.

Oh, I could claim that I am writing for God, but even I don’t believe that garbage. In fact, this blog isn’t about God, it’s about me. However, it is also in part about my experience with God. Is that what makes this blog SOOOOOOOOOOO interesting? Is that why you come back day after day? :-)

I doubt it.

Actually, I can’t imagine why you come back day after day. I’d like to think it’s because you enjoy what I write, but maybe you are just bored and have nothing better to do. Maybe my blog is a good way to waste your valuable time. Wait a minute…I am wasting your valuable time? Whoa! Now what do you think of me?

So this blog is about me, and my experiences with God, and of life in general. Every so often, I like to throw in some tidbit I learned about grace being effortless, and then there are the moments where I actually tell a story. But for the most part, this blog is about me.

I am not afraid to admit that. I have read many Christian blogs that claim they are writing for God, but my trouble is, I just don’t believe them. Who knows? Maybe they really are. I just happen to think God doesn’t need anyone writing FOR him anymore.

So I’ll try to be as honest as I can, keep the effing swear words to a minimum, and bore you as little as possible. After all, if this isn’t a valuable waste of your time, then why would you ever want to come back?

Peace, and I am trying to love you all. Bear with me. :-)

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