I was listening to Jesus last night, or maybe I was looking at what He was showing me; I am not sure which and it probably doesn't matter. A thought struck me, and I understood a little more of the grace He made for me.

But then I asked Him to help me share that with everyone I meet. Immediately I felt silly, knowing in my mind I could never tell everyone I meet about the grace Jesus has for them. It's impossible, I thought, I am not bold enough to approach everyone I meet with those words.

Then, a calmness lay upon me, and I understood that I actually could share that grace with everyone I meet. You see, I had been thinking about using my tongue, and in that respect, it would be impossible for me, I still believe. But I can share it with all of them, it is possible, if I share it in deed as well as in word.

To every single person I meet.

It is possible.

Won't I look different then.

How about you?

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