Three days without blogging. Boy, am I missing it! I still don’t have enough time to do justice to what I really wanted to say, so I’ll have to continue working on the good post, and leave you with a few crumbs here. Sorry about that.

I was just learning recently how it seems like if I stop everything, and wait for Jesus to speak to me, I never do anything. Let me explain. If I have a problem, I can either choose to kneel down and pray, and do nothing else regarding that problem until I feel certain I have heard from the Lord, or, I can move, and trust that the Lord will answer me as I move.

You know what? The praying, and doing nothing while waiting never, ever works. All I do is miss opportunities. But the moving while I wait, while I trust, that seems to always bear fruit. Can anyone tell me, in their own words and opinions, why this would be? I have a pretty good idea about it, but I’d like to know your thoughts on it, if you are willing.

That’s it. I have to go to work. Bye.

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