Ever heard the expression “it’s all Greek to me”?

I am experiencing that, first hand. I have begun to learn Koine Greek. Rather, I should say, I have begun to re-learn Koine Greek. Or is it re-begun? Whatever…

The point is, it’s Greek, and since I do not think in Greek, it’s especially difficult. However, the author, William Mounce, has made a challenge, and I will take that challenge. He has stated that it is very, very difficult to learn Greek without a teacher, or at the least, another student to learn with. But I am not alone, in fact, I have a huge advantage. I have Jesus living in me, and I am increasingly more aware of that each moment. I am also more aware of how much I need Him each moment.

Nevertheless, I want to learn this language, because I want to read the Greek Biblical texts myself. I don’t want to rely on English translations anymore. Now, I know that might sound elitist. How can I say anything right now to convince you that I don’t feel that way at all? It’s just that there are so many translations out there, and they all have their idiosyncrasies. I want to learn without those influences, if at all possible.

So, there is much work to do in the learning of a language not my own. The only other language I know is German, and I learned that so long ago, that I have forgotten much of what I had learned. But I am intrigued and excited about this venture of mine. I see Jesus in it, I see timing in it, I see that I wasn’t ready to do this three years ago, but I think I am now. We’ll see.

The Greek alphabet is the starting point. You know, having memorized the English alphabet so very long ago, I never realized just what an achievement children make when they not only memorize, but are able to pronounce and write the entire alphabet. It is daunting, at first glance. More than that, it is Greek, and one day, I may post right here using it.

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