I switched to Haloscan commenting system for several reasons. First, the Blogger commenting system is slower than the breath of a dead man. Second, it wasn’t reliable, and third, it demanded too much of people who just wanted to leave a comment and be done with it.

There is one minor drawback. I lost all of the recent comments made, and have no time or energy to find them, and resubmit them. I hope you all are okay with that. I was able to find the ones for the Saturday post, but beyond that just makes me want to sleep. So……..

Tonight I have something very important to say. I want to thank every single person who stops by here, be it regularly, or if this is even your first time. You all make it worthwhile, and your comments and encouragement make me wish this was a better blog.

Please, I am not fishing for compliments here. This blog is what it is, but just knowing you all makes me want to give you the best I can. I admit there are days when I post, that I do not expect a single person to read what I have written, I admit that sometimes, I blog garbage. Strangely, the posts I usually think are garbage are the posts that draw the most attention. I am not sure at all why that is.

Take the post about buying the gasoline on Saturday, for example. I wrote that post in about five minutes, no kidding. It took longer to choose the pictures than it did to do the writing. I wasn’t all that concerned with my words, I only wanted to quickly tell you about miracles I had witnessed that day. I wanted to sort of put it down on the record.

I have a saying, one that I know I have heard elsewhere as well, so I know it helps some people remember. It is simply this; “If I don’t write it down, it never happened.” By that, I mean, there are some things I just automatically need to write down, or else I’ll forget them, and if they are forgotten, it’s like they never happened.

The gospel was written down, and my, aren’t we glad and thankful it was? People today still insist it never happened, and we have it in black and white. Imagine if it had been passed down from mouth to mouth. It would be nothing more than a fairy tale by now. Some FACTS need to be recorded. I witnessed miracles and wonders on Saturday. They needed to be recorded, and now they are. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, and I look forward to recording more.

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