I just shouted out to my daughter. What did I say? “Hi, baby!!!”

What did she say? “Hi dad”.

My daughter always has a “Hi” for me. Most of the time, She has an “I love you” too. There is nothing sweeter than hearing my daughter say, “I love you.”

And when she says “Hi”, my heart just lifts immensely. To be acknowledged by her, to be known as someone special to her, I crave that from my daughter more than anything else. More than good grades, more than good behavior, even more than unquestioning obedience.

Do you know where I am going with this?

As I listen to her practice flute, I am amazed by the how good she has become. But even that cannot outweigh the “Hi”, and the “I love you, Daddy.” All the things I have given her towards her love for music she uses, and uses to her best ability. But none of her effort speaks as loudly as a “Hi, Daddy.”

I love my daughter!!! I will always love her!! She is more special to me than I can even write about.

Dear Daddy in heaven. Once again, you have spoken to me through my daughter. Funny thing is, she isn’t even aware that You are speaking through her. So, here I am, Daddy!! Hi!!!! I love you!!! That’s it.

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