I took my daughter out to lunch today at Perkins. Yes, we have those here in the great upper Midwest.

It wasn’t any big deal, no one was playing the trumpet for us, and we weren’t celebrating any special day. We just went out to eat, and talked. It was wonderful.

I love these moments with my daughter, Ally.

I love getting to know her, and believe me , because she is thirteen, knowing her keeps changing, because she keeps changing. She is such a young lady, and yet, there is so much of the child in her still.

I long for the days when she ran through the grass and took a digger, bouncing right back up and not caring that the fall she just took would have killed most adults. I long for the times when Ally would climb into my lap and snuggle close. Those days will never return.

But I love these days, too. These are the days, as were those, when my relationship with Ally teaches me more about my relationship with Abba than anything else; more than the Bible, more than books, more than praying, more than any activity I could engage in. Yes, even more than blogging. (Imagine that!)

You see, whenever I talk with her, I am so very aware at times that what I am saying to her is exactly what God is trying to say to me. I don’t really know how He does it, but when that moment comes…and I realize it as such, it’s like EUREKA!! I get it!

As I watch Ally grow up, I also come to realize another truth about Abba. I see in Ally that I love her just because; because she is my daughter? Yes, that, too. But because she is young? Yes. Because she is good? Yes.

But none of those things means more to me than the one very evident fact in front of me in my daughter.


I could love her for many reasons, but the fact that she is lovable seems to be screaming at me right now, and I am beginning to see it in others.

God loves us because He is love, this is true. But because He is love, I am finding out that He created us as we are, so that we are lovable, too. So if anyone ever asks you why God loves you, maybe just tell them…because I am lovable.

Can you see it? Is there anyone you know who is lovable, too?

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