Last Friday evening I went to the bar with the guys from work. It was a wonderful time.

I just got out of jail tonight.

Okay, that was a lie. But, if it hadn’t been, what would you think of me? Come on now…be honest. I don’t think I could believe even a single person who would say I don’t think anything different of you.

Many would like to think their opinion of me wouldn’t be affected, but the fact is, it would be. The first impression through someone’s mind might well be, “Looks like Tom has a drinking problem.” or maybe even, “That sure isn’t the Jesus I wanted those guys seeing”.

Whatever it would be, I think we need to pay attention to our first thoughts. You know those thoughts; those are the ones that we still don’t have under control. They are the thoughts that swirl around our minds, not even noticeable until…until...someone triggers THE VOICE. Then THE VOICE takes over, even if just for a moment, doling out fire and brimstone, judgment unimpaired to those who “disappoint” us.

We would never say these things out loud, or so we think. But nevertheless, those thoughts are there, and for many, they are very loud, and very uncontrolled.

Come on, tell me, what was your first impression?

THE VOICE isn’t as silent as we’d like to think. THE VOICE shouts at the idiot who just pulled out in front of us, causing us to brake. And if that idiot would then proceed to drive more slowly than we judge to be right, THE VOICE says so. In the lonely confines of our vehicles, if we are alone, THE VOICE might even speak audibly, “ASSHOLE!”

We think we have it figured out, don’t we? No one knows what goes on inside of my mind…heck, not even me sometimes. And because we can hide what is inside of our minds, we can “look” good to those around us. We can go on carrying these thoughts, trying every so often to silence them through flagellation or just plain verbal self-abuse. But they are there, and we can’t hide ourselves from what is inside.

Here’s a happy thought. What if in heaven, your thoughts are projected for all to see? What if in heaven, we STILL have these thoughts? Oh, I know, that’s not likely. But the thing is, the Kingdom of heaven is here and now, and we still have these thoughts every so often, we definitely do not have them under control.

I wonder….would any of us be comfortable if our thoughts were projected for all to see; all of them? Just a weird thought for the day, I guess.

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