I have a chance Friday after work to meet with the guys who have been working with me on this project (of which I will one day soon post pictures, possibly, probably….maybe).

Where are we meeting?

Why, at a bar, of course.


“You can’t meet the guys at a bar, Tom! You’re a …a…CHRISTIAN!”

“Yes, I can meet them at a bar, and I will.”

Just as I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, I can also do this. Yes, some things are not advisable for me to do, but I hardly think going to a bar with a group of guys is one of those “unadvisables”.

After all, how else am I going to get to know them better? How else are they going to get to know me? And how are they going to see Jesus in me if they do not ever get to see me beyond work?

“You could tell them about Jesus at work, Tom”

“Why, yes, I could, and I could spend hour after hour of the owner’s money doing so.”

Guess what that would make me?

You guessed it; I would be a thief if I did such a thing. Not to mention, I would be wasting my own time and money as well, so let’s add “fool” to the list for good measure. So, I can steal from the owner in Jesus’ name…wow! Is it okay if I do that?

Or, I can be honest, do my job, let them do theirs, and meet them afterwards in a setting that is far more befitting the chance of talking and possibly getting to know them better.

“But a bar, Tom?!!!!!”

“Yes, a bar”.

Why not? That is where they feel comfortable, and it is where they will be. If I wait for them to come to me, they will never come, or they will come and feel awkward, which is hardly an excellent setting to get to know them in. And, since they are not the “church-going” type, I can hardly invite them to my church.

No, I think this one time, the church is coming to them, and we are going to have fun.

What’s that you say? Church isn’t supposed to be fun? If it isn’t, then what kind of a stiff are we worshipping?

Jesus is alive! We should celebrate His life, and remember His death. I am doing so with three of the best men I have ever met, and none of them is a “Christian”. Can’t wait!

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