I am unashamedly asking for your prayers and good will.

I am burnt out, physically. Just plain tired. The only thing that has kept me sane recently is writing….and God, of course.

God willing, I’ll still be sane a month from now.

I have forgotten to send birthday cards to brothers, sisters, and nephews, and overall, I feel overwhelmed right now. There was a moment this afternoon, just a moment as I was walking through the jobsite where I suddenly felt like crying, just shedding silent tears.

Oh…I am feeling sorry for myself because I am tired. I’ll get over it, but at that moment, it seemed as if this was going to last forever. Just one moment, how do these moments get the best of us?

Anyway, I am tired. Physically, and maybe even mentally. I want rest, and this weekend, I’ll “schedule” some in. Maybe copious amounts. At any rate, I’ll be better next week, but for this week, I am running on fumes. Let’s hope I make it.

God…I am weak…what can I say?

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