My posts this week, if any, will be short but sweet, or short but pointed, or short but.....

Who knows what the "but" is, at any rate, they will be short. I will be working long hours this week and next, and do not see the chance for deep blogging to be a good one.

Nevertheless, I leave you with this:

According to Jesus, we are slaves. Or at least we were. We are either slaves to sin, or slaves to God. But later on in His life, He said something that somewhat contradicted that line of thinking. He said if we knew the truth, we would indeed be free.

The question is, what would we be free from, or free to do? There are more than several blogs who have talked about freedom recently, and the debate about freedom carries on throughout time since Christ rose from the dead.

What EXACTLY did Christ mean when He said if we knew the truth, we would be free? Do you think He was talking about no longer being either a slave to sin or a slave to God? Or was this some instance where to be a slave of God is to fully and finally realize freedom? In this freedom, ARE WE FREE TO CHOOSE TO GO WITH GOD, AND FREE TO CHOOSE TO GO AWAY FROM GOD? Is that the freedom Jesus gave us? Is there, after all, something to the idea of free will, which I must admit, I have never believed in?

What do you think?

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