I thought about what to write tonight, and came up with the fact that I’m not a good enough person today to tell anyone how to live. So….I guess I’ll just list ten things that cause me to smile.

1. My daughter giving me “the look”
2. My own ineptitude at parenting. Seriously, if I didn’t have God in me, Ally would be in BIG trouble.
3. Adam Sandler’s dry humor.
4. My daughter’s voice.
5. Writing a Hans und Frans skit
6. Receiving a timely email from a friend
7. Whenever I actually remember to think about Jesus, and the hope I have in Him.
8. When I have proven someone’s trust in me to be well placed. I know, it’s an arrogance thing, and I’ll get over it some day, but for now, humor me.
9. Forgiveness
10. Simply talking with anyone, respectfully and cordially.

This list is in no particular order, and there are many more things I could list. But, one of the fun things about this blog is, I get to submit really bad writing every so often, and tonight is one of those times. The editor has spoken, POST IT!!

Why don’t you guys share with me some of the things that cause you to smile?

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