I have no agenda for writing tonight, so this post is going to go wherever my silly little mind desires to take it.

It’s Wednesday, and it’s already been a long week. However, I am feeling energized, because the last two days are definitely going to be shorter than the first three. I like to load up the beginning of my work week with hours, so I am able to cruise into the end, ready for short days, or available for emergencies, if necessary. I don’t really know where I learned to do this, but I appreciate the desire I have to work this way. It leaves a lot of options open to me.

Take catching up on a project I am behind in, for example. If I didn’t load up my hours in the beginning of the week, I’d have to wait until 4:30 PM Friday before I could begin bringing my schedule up to date. Working this way also opens up the possibility for quick little projects that most interior finish carpenters shy away from, exactly because they are too small. I find that these small projects, if done persistently, are the most profitable around. They also help bring in new business, from customers who are pleased that you took the time to schedule their project.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about carpenters from customers is that it’s so hard to find a contractor for small projects. I often hear them say that if they find a carpenter for a small project, they are far more likely to use that carpenter for the larger ones as well. Gee….didn’t Jesus say something about being trustworthy in the small things?

I know, “don’t spiritualize something that isn’t spiritual”. Well, I just did, and since this is my blog, I may do it again, and again, and again.

In fact, I find the idea of not spiritualizing things that many claim are not spiritual to be a false doctrine of sorts. Now, I won’t judge people for telling me not to spiritualize, but I will say that there isn’t anything in this world that God does not have His hand in. Having said that, what’s not spiritual? If God is Spirit, and He has His hand in everything, then everything is spiritual, at least that's my opinion.

To me, to say something does not have a spiritual element inside of it is to say that God isn’t aware of what is going on. I’d sooner let you pull every one of my teeth than believe that. Because the alternative to God not being involved in everything, to God not being aware, is that God is not in control. I can’t even begin to tell you how much peace I gain from knowing God is in control.

So if I spiritualize here, please grant me some room to do so. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit loony at times, but would you rather have me talk about my fish? By the way, Oscar is now eleven and a half inches long. Isn’t that special?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Yes, Bruce, I have shamelessly stolen that from one of your posts a while back.

You all should go visit Bruce over at his YBMT blog. Bruce is the kindest man I have ever had the experience of talking with on the net. And…..he is also the very first person who ever commented here. He welcomed me, and in large part, he encouraged me without really knowing it. He is a dear brother, and I pray for him tonight to be granted joy without measure. Every time I see one of his comments, my heart swells.

Go on!!! Visit him, and say hi. I’m going to.

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