One of the things I love about God is how big He is. One of the things that scares me about God is how big He is.

I know, you can’t possibly love God, and be afraid of Him at the same time, can you?

This I know; God is huge, He is a God who knows everything about me, in this world of what, five billion people? How does He do it?

He blows me away! I cannot touch with my intellect what He knows, what He sees, what He does. I cannot begin to understand EVERYTHING. And that’s what He is in, all the details, all the plans, all the weather, all the giggles of little children, all the birds and puppies, the kittens and fish, the mountains, the sky, the stars and the moon. Everything is His, and there is nothing that is a surprise to Him. Before words are on my lips, He knows what I will say. How does He do that?

I cannot understand it. How many “things” are there in this world? How many people? How many sparrows? Yet He numbers the very hairs on my head? I can’t even do that! What type of being are we dealing with here? What type of being can do all this?

In the morning, He is there, right on my mind, and in me. He knows my routine, He smiles upon me, and my day is made before any other outside influence grabs my attention. At night, He is there, right on my mind, the last One I think about, coaxing me to rest, “there’s no more to see, today, Tom”. When I am sleeping, He is there, watching, waiting, protecting, and He is there for all these people, and all these things.

How does He do that?

There is no place I can go where He won’t be there ahead of me. There is no place I can do my evil deeds where He won’t see. I cannot even help an elderly lady across the street before He has seen the results of this kindness. I cannot walk without Him, anywhere, anytime, nor any place. He sees all that I do, knows all that I think, and that truly scares me. For if my God is so big, yet small enough to know me, out of all these people, and all these things, what must He think of me? I know He knows how much hair I have, but what does He THINK of me?

I can live in fear of the answer to that question, forever. Or, I can live with the answer to that question. To me, the answer to the question, “what does God think of me?” is Jesus. For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son……………

God loves the world. From the mouth of God. Can we believe such a thing? Can we trust what He says?

YES!!!! And may I just say, thank you God? Jesus removes the fear I have of God. He brings me closer, and makes me realize that if God says He loves me, it MUST be true. He will not wink at sin, but He has provided the way, the answer, if you will, and the answer is Jesus Christ. That’s what He thinks of us.

Not because we were so good that He just HAD to do something to reward us. Not because we were so close to being as smart as Him, that He had to bring someone else to confuse us, and keep us in darkness and bewilderment. Not because of any great deed we did, or any praise we had earned. Not because of our purposes, or our action, or of our design did He bring Jesus. No, He brought Jesus because He loved us, FIRST.

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