I no longer wear a tool belt. I used to, because I used to think that I needed every single hand tool I owned attached to some part of my body in order to be efficient as a carpenter.

That all ended three years ago, when I got sick of carrying around a tool belt that weighed in excess of twenty pounds. I mean it. One day, I picked the thing up after lunch, and it felt heavier than a bowling ball. So, I put it down, and did an inventory.

I do not recall everything that was in this tool belt, but as best as I can remember, here is what I found:

One 20 oz. Hammer

One twenty-five foot tape measure, weighing approximately 1 pound

One Utility knife (yes, the same knife that cut the tip of my finger off!) weight about 1/3 of a pound

One Chalk Line Reel, about ½ pound

One Plumb - Bob, about one pound

Various screwdrivers, combined weight, around one pound

One Lineman’s Pliers, and one Robogrip Pliers, combined weight, one pound

One Pocketful of Drywall screws almost full to the top, around three pounds

One Pocket full of Nails, nearly full, around two pounds.

One pocket full of drill bits, around two pounds

One pocket full of miscellaneous, seldom used crap which I couldn’t find even when all this stuff was in my tool belt, approximate weight, five pounds.

And let’s not forget pencils, markers, safety glasses, spare blades, nail punches, steel punches, pin brads, a bottle of glue, and a cell phone, probably about two pounds all combined.

Then, there is the weight of the tool belt itself. Enough said.

Do you know what made me sick of it? Well, for one thing, trying to get the clasp closed without dropping half the screws and nails remaining in the pouches. Ever try doing dainty finger work with twenty pounds? It’s not possible. You just have to slam the clasps together as fast and as hard as you can, and hope your aim was true.

The other reason was because the tool belt had a tendency to pull my pants down. Oh, and it also forced my boxers up my butt. Not a pleasant feeling, ALL DAY LONG!

I wonder if Jesus ever had that problem with His tool belt? I’ll have to ask Him when I see Him.

Nevertheless, I do not wear tool belts any more, and I am no less efficient now than I was when I had every hand tool known to man hanging from my hip. In fact, I might be more efficient, because I am no longer pulling my pants up off the floor every three minutes. Give me a minute, I might be able to make a spiritual point here somewhere.............

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