It seems that my daughter is wiser than many bloggers out there, at least in regards to how she handles her “Christian” freedom. Allow me to expound, please.

I have been blogging approximately four and one – half months. In that time, I have read many posts, and many snippets of posts from bloggers around the world, mostly Christian. But you’d never know it, to hear what some have to say about certain things in our “Christian” culture. Today, I’d like to talk about just one of those things. Christian music.

There are many believers who listen to various types of music, and Christian happens to be one of them. Personally, I listen to Christian Rock, because I like the harder edge to that type of music, and the lyrics agree with how I feel so very often.

My daughter listens to the same type of music, however, her tastes tend to be a bit softer than mine. Nevertheless, she loves her “Christian” music, and she loves hearing it on the radio. Here is where the waters appear to get muddy.

Many of the posts I have read have very little, to almost nothing good to say about “Christian” Music. I have heard it described as secular music with the name of God in it, as well as garbage written only to make money. It looks like many believers are caught up in the fear that our so called “culture” is way too secular for their liking. That’s okay. Everyone has their opinions, and stumbling blocks.

However, what is not okay is the judging that goes on, especially regarding books and music. To say one refuses to listen to Christian music because it is nothing more than a money-making venture by a group of long-haired secular Jesus-freaks is going too far.

Here is what I have to say about all of this. Maybe the groups who wrote this music really did write it to make a buck. Maybe they didn’t. None of that matters, not even one bit. You see, it doesn’t matter what reason the music or book was written for. It only matters what we do with it when it is available to us.

My daughter finds a sense of worship and joy for her God when she listens to “Christian” music, even though there is little difference between the way it and secular music sounds. So, who is right? Those who bash “Christian” artists because they think the music is too secular, or capitalistic, or my daughter? Ask my daughter that question, and she’ll raise an eyebrow at you, and wonder if you’ve lost your marbles. She would wonder why even the need for such a silly question. After all, if she listens, and finds joy, and somehow praises God for it, is that not right? Of course it is, regardless of the type of music.

So, my question is, why are so many bashing the Christian music industry at all? Is it really because they are concerned about capitalism? Or is there some deeper reason for their disdain and judgment? If I put the name of Jesus on a tee-shirt, is that wrong? If I use it to remind myself of Jesus throughout the day, what of it then?

This truth is a truth that will never change; There is not now, nor will there ever be anything of the flesh that is pure in and of itself. But our Spirit can take a pile of doggy doo, and turn it into gold. However, there are many things we can do, that are done in a way that is evil. One of them is judging others as if we know better. One of them isn’t listening to Christian music. But, if it causes one to stumble, then he is better off not listening to it. If it is going to cause him to judge it wrongly, then he should flee from it, but he shouldn’t drag anyone else with him. Thank you.


Null said...

I don't understand it either. I love Christian Music.. and while my musical tastes are very broad, it's definately my favorite to listen to.

As for people bashing it, and judging it, and not listening to it, perhaps if they listened they might get something from it, so if they don't listen, they can continue to be judgemental and bitter people instead of taking the necessary steps to change and better themselves. There must be something within themselves that doesn't want to listen to it.

Deb said...

I think it's wonderful your daugther loves the music. I don't know why people bash it. You're right about nothing being pure in itself. Thank God he uses imperfect things. Otherwise, He wouldn't be able to use us!

Tom Reindl said...

Hi guys :)

I guess the question I really want to know the answer to is why are we so prone to judge? I wonder if we just do it because we really don't understand God's heart? I don't know, just some additional thoughts.

pumpedup said...

I have just one question please. Are you guys ready to rock...................................?

Mustang Girl said...

Christian music is such a refreshing break to hear vs what is on the pop stations. I think it also goes beyond the artist's music/lyrics...it is the fact that they are Christians and they have set out on sort of a "mission trip" to do the will of God through music. And God bless them for that!!! They portray a solid christian base of morals and beliefs for their audience to witness. Praise God that your daughter is a christian music fan! Lord knows that it was a driving force (in addition to my friends) of me becoming a born-again christian. And the church I now attend-one of the reasons I choose it is because the time of worship is amazing!! I don't think I answered any of your questions... but I wanted to voice my support for Christian music!! BTW, Switchfoot rocks! And if the secular audience knows their Christian background who knows they may find their way to Christ. God Bless! :)

Technidiva said...

HI Tom!

You know I had to chime in on this one! I am part of the worship team at my church and the way we worship is through contemporary music and hymns that have been rearranged into a contemporary style. It is beautiful, it is worshipful and it honors God. I cant tell you how many christians musicians (especially the drummers!) that I play with that are a witness to their secular band members, even as far as being able to play Christian rock in secular venues.

For Halloween the local churches got together and put on a "Light in the Night" concert for the teenagers which included skateboard conpetitions and 2 very popular Christian rock bands ("Skillet" was one of them!). It gave the kids a choice of a healthy atmosphere to be and still be "cool" around their friends.


As for why are we quick to judge? Usually we judge what we dont know about, and unfortunately its become a self-defense in society to point fingers other places so that the focus isn't on yourself.

Ok..its Sunday morning and time for me to go play and worhsip!


Null said...

Tom... I really wish I knew why humans were so prone to judge. I've faced more judgement from fellow Christians than I have from 'heathens'... makes me wonder.

Regardless of why we are prone to it, it just makes my heart sink.

Elaine said...

Hi Tom!
Why do christians "bash" christian music?
Tom, were ever you go, I dare to say any church, it is full of impurfict people. Sometimes when a person dosent understand something and it dose not apear right to them they say bad things, usually not even relizing it. Other people seem to never have any thing good to say about anything they don't like. I pray for the persons in either case and also include a in case I musunderstood part too.
Tom some times we might wonder if the pharices are growing in numbers. But still we must pray for these people and ask God to bless them. Jesus askes us to love one-another and over look each-others imperfections.
Volenteering at a Christian coffie house I am exposed to more music than many people know exisit. Some times it is even hard for me to "uunderstand" some of it, but when you get a up frount and personal look at the people that are being reached it becomes totally awsome!
If you get a chance to see Deciple do it.
They have an awsome testomony. The last time I saw them 10 teenagers came to Christ!

There will always be some one to complaine and bash just about everything; pray for them to have their joy enlarged, maby it is just the prayer God needs to hear...just maby....