What is going on in this world? Have you ever studied it? Have you ever looked at even one nation, take the USA, for example, and studied the trends and popular opinions of the day?

I know, to do that would take a super-computer. Or….would it? Can computers compile real data on real people? I doubt it.

Here is what I mean. A computer, no matter how sophisticated, cannot read human emotions, and then remember how it felt during the same type of emotion. See what I mean? So, how do we study people? By raw data? By gathering a census and asking a few questions? That is what politicians live for. But we are believers, there must be something deeper about the things we look at.

I study people by observing them. Then, I study the world, by observing it. I have noticed a very, very disturbing trend with long legs these past years. Approaching half of all adults in America have at one time or another required medication for some type of mental disorder. (depression, anxiety, etc.) This begs the question, why? Why, in a time when we are so technologically advanced that we make the Romans look like cavemen, are we so screwed up inside?

How is it possible for us to know as much as we do about the human body, the brain, emotions, and all other factors, but not know how to prevent mental disorders? Or, are the “disorders” maybe not really disorders at all? Maybe they are just excuses to find relief in a bottle, to not have to look inside? Maybe they are real, but we aren't even close to understanding the real reasons they are so prevalent?

What will you find when you look inside? What will you see when you STOP. You see, part of the trouble of our culture is that we rarely stop. We are on the go, we are busy, and we are in the know. Except we don’t really know what’s going on inside too well, do we?

So maybe in the question lies the answer? STOP! Wait? And….do…..what?

Exactly! Do nothing. Be silent, and wait. Think, probe. That thing you said to your sister, yeah, that one! What were the effects of that on her day? That man I passed on the highway, the one I swore was too old to drive, what affect did I have on his day?

And, while we are stopped, what affect has Jesus had on our day? Have we talked with God? Have we even acknowledged Him at all? One of the best ways I have found to worship God is to be honest, and there is nothing more honest than telling God you still believe. Then, STOP again. Wait. What’s going on inside? CHANCES ARE, WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE IS WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD.

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