I don't normally get into saying thigs like "thank God it's Friday". But today, thank God it's Friday. It's the earliest part of Friday, as it is 5:50 AM. My day lies before me. What will all happen on this day we have never had before? I wonder.

This has been a long set of weeks, and it's getting longer as each week passes by. My business has grabbed new "business", which I am now trying to schedule around my main goings on, namely that project at the Elderly care home for which I was hired.

So I have been asking a question of God ever since last night, when I went to look at yet another small project, which needs to be done soon. I asked God if I am getting greedy. I truly do not know the answer to that question, yet.

My trouble is, in order to complete this new project on time, I will have to take a week away from the large project. I have spoken with the project manager, and he told me the week I wanted to take off would be perfect, because it's going to be a slow work week at the site anyway (deer hunting season finds construction workers scattering to the four winds). Well, I am a deer hunter, too. So......

The fact is, I never take more than three or four of days for hunting, so it may SEEM like this will work out, but I am questioning if it really could, or if, as I mentioned before, I am getting greedy. I have less than three days to decide.

On the one hand, I could take the time at the large project, and get some major work done while no one is there to get in the way. That can truly be a problem with so many different contractors all working at the same time. That would be one option. The down side of that is, I can't get too much done anyway, because without the other contractors around, I can only do so much, before I need them to do their part in whatever area I am finishing. Hmmmm

Or, I could take the small project on, complete it quickly (and with a job well done, or it isn't worth doing), cash a large paycheck, and save for a trip I want to take next year. So, choices, choices, choices.

What is the reason I am telling you this? Because I am unashamedly asking for prayer, as I am also praying, asking for clarity of mind so that I do not make an uninformed, hasty, and unwise decision. There is a lot riding on this, or so it seems. It also seems as if God is helping me to make up for what was lost during the late summer, when work was scarce for whatever reason. But, this could all be smoke, too. I think too much, sometimes, don't I?


Technidiva said...

Oh stop Thinking Tom!

Take the week, get the small job done. Put the money away in savings. Its that time of year when extra money would be nice to have!
But I will pray for you that God will clearly answer your prayers about this decision.

Speaking of hunting...my husband is not a hunter but is going to a "Wild Game NIght" at the church. Apparently its a potluck where all the guys at church bring a favorite wild game dish and get together to do some fellowship.

My husbands not a hunter, I'm making a platter of enchiladas for him to take....


MC Hendrick said...


I have a friend who is extreme in his logic and reasoning for every aspect of his life. It's so bad, he can't understand why others don't logic out everything and tries to reason with them why they should reason.

I, on the other hand, am more laid back. I told him that a person can reason through anything and still come up with the wrong conclusion. Sometimes, you have to take a chance in life. You can take chances and still keep your feet grounded.

Tom Reindl said...

MC and Technidiva (still love the name!),

I think that I think so much about things because I try to make up for what I perceive as a lack of wisdom. But it helps also to write about it on this blog, because, as you guys have shown, I can get some prettu good advice, and perspectives I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks.

I will take that project on. Good hope to you all. :)

Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


My wife and I used to wrestle with this stuff for years. I don't know how may 18-20 hour days I worked in the last 10 years before I retired.

Then I read this epitath (I'm not sure if it was imagined or real) - it read "If only I'd spent more time at the office." I think we all know innately when things get out of balance. It's just hard to get balanced in a work oriented, performance driven society.

I like the idea of the small project done quickly. But that may be just me in my old age thinking that.

I'll be praying for you through this!