I feel like writing tonight. Things are going okay, and my heart feels light. Thank you God, for opening it a little more.

Can you all say “wassup?!!!!” I can. I can also say that I was amazed by the turn around of a fellow over at a very close friend’s blog today. I am glad, and am hoping it can open up the door for real community at that blog, rather than community only when ALL are in agreement of whatever topic is being discussed. The blogger has done her very best to make sure everyone feels welcome, but sometimes, feelings get trampled where there is no previous compassion. I will continue to pray that compassion is the mortar that connects us all in this foundation called Jesus Christ.

Man!! I feel good!! The week is over, I survived, and I still have a miniscule amount of energy left. God truly has given me an abundance!!. Peace and grace, and I hope truly joy will be all yours, and as I continue to write here, I hope maybe I can contribute to your joy.

Last Saturday, I replaced the front door of my house. It was something that was scheduled to be done in summer, but I never got around to doing it. So, I decided to see if I could do it in four hours or less. I had to cut quite a bit of the old framing away, and as I started yanking the door out of its moorings, plaster on the wall above and to the side of the door began to crumble and fall.

What was supposed to be a four hour job is now not even done as I write this. But fear not!! I cleared ALL of the plaster off the wall, got the new door at least into the new framing I had to build, and now stand ready to install the new screen door.

The studs on the wall remain exposed, as I have decided to do this right. Rather than use drywall, I am going to put a pattern on the wall surrounding the door, and use hard maple wood as the material of choice. Hopefully, it will turn out as I am envisioning it. If I can convince Brett (Pumpedup!) to let me borrow his digital camera, I’ll try to post “before and after” pictures.

So, that’s most of what is new with me. Some things are new that I won’t tell you all about, because some things are private, and very good. I hope you all understand.

Okay, I said I felt like writing tonight, but this only took a few minutes. Oh well, there is always the book to work on, and emails to write.

May God make his face to shine upon you all, and may His grace overwhelm you with joy. Amen.

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