I usually do not post during the morning, but this morning is different. Things look brighter today than they did at any point yesterday.

In two days, I will once again don the hunting gear, and head for the North woods. What will I find there? Maybe a deer or two, but frankly, it doesn’t matter if I see even a single deer. That’s not why I go. Yes, I love hunting, but there is a reason far larger than the hunt which draws me.

For three solid days, I will be sitting in an enclosed stand (I’m a carpenter! What did you expect? That I would sit out in the cold, when I have the ability to build a nice warn shelter as I hunt? Please!!). In that stand, I will bring my Bible, and I will bring another book. I will also be bringing many questions to the Lord. But the one thing I do not have to bring, the one thing I have been seeking for so long, I will find in copious amounts right there in my stand. SILENCE.

Solitude has always led to peace for me. I have no doubt I will come away from this experience with answers to many questions. I have no doubt that I will encounter God in the forest this weekend. I have no doubt that I will not care whether I come home having a deer in my truck or not. It just doesn’t matter. Yes, I am a serious hunter, and I always eat what I kill. But I don’t really care if I see anything, other than the face of God through silence, peace, and nature.

May God keep all of you safe this hunting season, and for you who do not hunt, may God fill your time with joy, peace, and hope. Amen.


Messy Christian said...

I live in the city most of my life as you know, so the concept of solitude is absolutely foreign too me. :) The only silence I can find myself in is in my 1000sqf apartment where the swimming pool is my artificial "pond"/fake nature. :P

Have a good time with the Lord, TOm. :)

BruceD said...

Nice, Tom.

I'm too lazy to hunt. Those deers are HEAVY! Plus, I don't really like the taste of deer meat too much. But, I do love to get out into the woods as much as I can. I like to hike to a hilltop and find a quiet spot to sit and read, or just watch nature exist around me. It's so comforting.

Be safe out there, bro! Hear his voice, and feel his love.


Elaine said...

Just in case God blesses you greatly you can get one for me too!

Reid Bradley said...

Get a big one Tom! Don't shoot any fawns either, I know you Wisconsin people sometimes get a little buck fever and pass up the Big Kahuna and then have to settle for Bambi.

Tom Reindl said...

Deer are only heavey, Bruce, if you actually shoot one! My chances for that each year aren't very good, yet these last years I have had to drag one out of the woods each year. Actually, I see more deer in my yard back home than I do in the deep woods. Hmm.......

Reid, are you hunting this year?

Elaine, I actually have to get A deer, before I can think about AN extra one. But I will pass along some if I do. You know, though, that I just thank God I don't shoot myself. It can happen!! A police officer not too far south of us got shot by his own extra bullets when a heat lamp in his squad car overheated a bag of ammunition, setting it off. He escaped with small facial injuries.

Me? I'm an excellent shot, but I'd rather be hunting Osama than deer. That man needs an enema.

MC, can one dive into the swimming pool directly from your apartment? Now that might be fun, depending on how high it is.