MTV, Justin and Janet, you now know what a good Super Bowl half time show looks like.

Paul McCartney was nothing if not energized and spectacular. How old is he, anyway. Does anyone really know?

Paul McCartney proved that a widely watched show does not need sex, three quarter naked women, or wild hip and rear gyrations to be a roaring success. All a good show needs is talent. Paul McCartney proved yet again that if there is a king of rock, he’s it.

Surprisingly, he didn’t need to moon the audience, give the world the finger, or expose himself, to get this rave review. I wonder if the rest of the media will give him good grades. After last year’s halftime show, this one should be made into a gold video, and aspiring performers should be forced to watch it as part of training to perform well without insulting, or sexually arousing your audience. It won’t happen, but it should.

The crowd sang WITH him!! Na na na na na na na!! Na na na na, hey Jude!!

The first three songs were lively, and familiar. They were fitting, and culture bridging. They were songs that nearly everyone in the western world has heard at least one time or another. I cannot speak for the rest of the world, for I do not know what they are familiar with. Can anyone tell me if the world is familiar with old Beatles’ music?

I have to admit. I am biased. I have always loved the Beatles. John Lennon’s So This is Christmas (Yes, he wasn’t a Beatle when he sang it) is my favorite Christmas song. So maybe my unprofessional review of the halftime show isn’t straight up with reality.

I will say this, though. When I heard the beginnings of Hey Jude, my heart leaped. Why would this one song make me feel so joyful? It’s just another Beatles song, you might say.

Not to me. You see, Hey Jude is the song I hummed to my daughter every night as I rocked her to sleep for the first year of her life. It brought back so many memories. For that, I am thankful. Hey Jude rocks!!!

And so did this half time show.

Congratulations to the Patriots, and to Feeble Knees, who is not only a die hard Red Sox fan, but also a die hard Patriots fan. Too bad the Patriots lost to the Packers in the Super Bowl ten years ago. Well, okay, not too bad. We have Brett Favre, and as good as Tom Brady is, he isn’t Brett Favre, and never will be. Still, I’d rather have three Super Bowl victories, and I am sure Brett would say the same thing.

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