So I’ve been on this diet thing now for four days. It’s a low carb diet, and I did it two years ago, having decent success with it. The last time I was on this diet, I lost twenty-five pounds. So…..I am expecting the same results.

Before I go further, I must say, this low carb diet is definitely a man’s diet. Let’s see, since I started again, I have eaten copious amounts of steak, pork chops, eggs, cheese, lettuce, and chicken. The only thing I really miss is potatoes. For a man, steak and eggs, pork chops, fish, and chicken? Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, will someone please invent a low carb potato?

I bet you are wondering why the diet? It’s not because I’m extra fat. Nah! I feel a little overweight, but there is a health reason for the diet. My feet are killing me!!!!!

I mean it. My left Achilles heel screams in protest every time I take a step. The right one isn’t as bad, but it hurts at the end of the day, too. But the left one, well, it already has a partial tear, which refuses to heal. The pain has now begun to radiate toward the bottom and back of my heel, an ominous sign if I ever felt one. Sometimes the pain is so intense that the only way I get through a day is chewing on Ibuprofen like candy. I’m sick of that.

The weight must go. It’s causing me pain, and I don’t like pain. This sucker even hurts just laying down. It’s sort of a slow, ebbing and flowing throb, and every so often, a sharp jab will shoot up the back of my ankle.

The diet won’t heal the heel. But maybe allowing the heel to carry less weight will help. The stress on this foot when I walk up stairs is a scary thing. There have been times when I have just sort of hopped up stairs, avoiding the pain of the left, uncooperative foot. Imagine missing a step. Ouch.

So, I’ll do the diet, lose the weight, and see if it helps. Let’s hope it does. If I have to have surgery on that heel, it’s going to ruin a lot of plans, and I’ll be fairly immobile as far as work goes for several months, from what I hear. That would definitely suck. Have I told you I have a hard time sitting still? Yep, can’t do it.

I can be silent, I can sit and talk with God, but if I face an entire day watching TV and sitting around the house, I’ll go absolutely bonkers. One day, or two days off is fine. I can even take a week long vacation, if I get to DO SOMETHING. But if I have to sit, unable to move freely, plant me. Unless, of course, you are going to send me someone to snuggle with. (I think Max’s romance is affecting me in an unhealthy way)

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