Maximus Swift has started a new aggregator for the misfits of the Kingdom. If you are interested in getting a bit mor exposure, and just belonging to another group of welcoming bloggers, visit His blog here.

I included his entire post on the subject below, for your info. Let me know if you are joining in my comments section, or if you have questions. Happy blogging in an aggregator that doesn't require a doctorate in Theology, or a list of the hundreds you have saved.

Tom and MC gave me an idea for a new aggregator: Misfits for Christ's Sake. Designed for the square pegs among us who are trying to fit into the round holes of modern day Christianity, this aggregator was created for anyone who loves Jesus but feel like they don't neatly fit or belong anywhere in the Christian community today. If you want to try it out send me your feeds via email or IM.

This is a bit of an experiment, so if I get little or no responses I'll cancel the feed. If it actually becomes popular, I'll spruce up the aggregator so it's more visually appealing. Spread the word on your blogs if you like this idea.

For the rejects, misfits, outcasts and black sheeps of Christendom. Satanists need not apply

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