I traveled the blogorizon tonight, and now I just feel rotten. But this post isn’t going to be about me. I feel rotten because my heart hurts; because people are hurting today, and I have no answers.

But, I’ll tell you what I do know. I know my God, who is a miracle worker. He claims it, and I believe it. So, here is what I am going to do. I am going to pray for miracles. God knows I don’t perform them myself, but if I did, at least three people would be rejoicing in miracles tonight.

I am not God, and one of my spiritual disciplines, (something I must do everyday) is to remind myself that I am not God. I have to do that every day, or else I get all arrogant, and self-righteous. But doing that helps me realize who God is, and how impossible it is for me to know what He will do, and won’t do. This I know, there isn’t anything He isn’t capable of. Thus, the prayers for miracles. I thank You, God, that you are not like me. I can’t stress that strongly enough tonight.

The people I read about are either sick, in deep emotional pain, or in physical pain. All are afraid.

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to read about the three people I have posted here, visit them, and then do one other thing. I’ll let you know what that other thing is at the end of this post.

Christine just found out that her parents house burned in a fire. She asks so many questions, and I have absolutely no answers.

The Bigg Fish suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and is currently suffering through another flare up, which has caused him to fall several times. I am certain there is fear, but I am hopeful for peace, and for far more.

Michelle has a mom who has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, an incurable form of cancer. You know what that means. She lives in South Africa, but needs to get to Australia, to help her mom and dad through this. Can you help? If so, let her know.

Okay, here is what I want you to do. Let them know you are praying for them. And MEAN it. I ask you to step beyond the “proper” Christian response, which is to say we’ll pray, and then say we are sorry for what they are going through. All those things we say are good, but there is one thing I know, many people who say they’ll pray for someone else don’t ever remember to do it. I am asking you to remember to do it. I am not implying that you would forget, or that you ever say you’ll pray, and then don’t. I also ask that for just a moment, imagine if these people were you.

If you know me, you know there is a reason I am so direct about this. I believe that if we are to pray, then it must be done in honesty before God. That causes me pause more than I care to admit. I literally have to stop sometimes, and think about what I am saying to God.

I believe that if we are going to pray, then let’s pray right now. Why wait? In fact, why not pray as often as we can, as often as we think.

I’ll tell you this. I am asking for a miracle, in each case. I do not claim to know what God will do, but I do claim, loudly, to know that He can do this.

So this is what I ask; please pray, and believe He can do it. Ask for the biggest gift you can think of. Never mind the possibilities, God is a God for Whom all things are possible. Forget the impossible, it doesn’t exist.

And if you can, if you will, be a squeaky wheel. Don’t go away from God silent. Keep praying about this if you will. I am going to be a squeaky wheel, and I am hoping they all get the grease they need.

The prayers of a righteous person are powerful. You are all righteous people. Remember that when you pray.

Father, I am not approaching You arrogantly, but I am approaching You boldly. You told me to ask for good gifts. I believe so perfectly that You are able to do this, there is no doubt. But I do not claim to know what You will do. I only ask.

Christine needs reassurance, and a place to come home to, I ask that you give that to her, in abundance unexplainable.

The Bigg Fish is suffering, God, and these last months, getting to know him has been such a wonderful joy to me. Fish, and his wife, Liesa, write about You all of the time. You know how Fish has suffered, I ask You now, in the name of Jesus Christ, to take it away completely, to heal him. Give him peace, Lord, and a very physical example of how real You are, so he can praise you, glorify You, and share this gospel of his life with everyone. No, he doesn't need the miracle in order to glorify You, or to share the gospel of his life, but I ask You, because You can, to imagine that gospel, and what wonders You would achieve through this.

Michelle is living the hell that is having a mother die from cancer, so far away, and she has no way to get there, to her mom, in Australia. Father, you can see her pain, I know You can. You can heal this pain, you can heal her mom. I ask that You do, not for me, but for her, and for all who will hear of this, and You know how many will. Help her find the way to get to Australia, bring her those who can help, they are Yours, and You have given them the means to bring this about. Free them, so they will desire nothing more than to help Michelle as quickly as possible. And Father, Michelle can't just take off. She needs money to live, too, finances that will allow her to travel, and not be set back into a financial crisis because of it. I ask you to remember that as well, as You already have.

I would not ask this, God, if I believed You couldn't do it. You have given me faith, so if I believe that You can do this, then there must be a reason, and I believe You long for us to ask these things of You. This is the faith You gave me, and this is what I am doing with it. I pray You will smile on us all, to see Your faith shine in us. In Jesus name, I pray, I beg. Amen.

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