At some point, I am going to start blogging regularly again. As things stand currently, my office was just gutted (by me), and I have been working to put it back together again as I get time. And, if I were a really good writer, I could have made that sentence run on at least another one hundred words. Maybe some day...we all have our dreams.

There is so much I want to write about, and share with you. Isn't it funny how when you want to write, you either have no time, or things (such as offices being redone) stand in the way, whereas when you could just as soon shove writing, you have all the time in the world? At any rate, I'll start again, and when I do, things are going to get regular around here; and I'm not talking about bowel movements.

Thanks for stopping by so often. You have no idea how much that means to me and my ego. I admit it. I am not afraid of admitting it, and I think deep, deep down, you know that my ego is the largest part of me...except maybe..., nah. (Really, I was going to say my belly...really I was!) ;)

In the meantime, (for you out-of-towners, "meantime" is defined as time spent in the mean, otherwise known as, time between events), hang in there, and always know that although my love doesn't always go with you ( I wish I was more, I really do), the love of Christ covers all of my shortcomings, and that love follows you wherever you go.

Now, aren't you glad you stopped by?

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