There are over 6.5 billion people living on this planet right now. Can you imagine seeing all of those people at once? I can't What an astounding figure!

Can you project your own thoughts and emotions onto someone else? In other words, can you place yourself in their shoes? In the few years I have lived, one of the things I have learned about me is that I am an arrogant, rude bastard if I do not make the attempt to understand things from someone else's perspective. Compassion doesn't come naturally to me; nor does grace for others. I guess that's why I have learned so much about the psychology of the human mind. If I hadn't, how many more people might I have injured through simple thoughtlessness? Would I have done it 6.5 billion times?

Only self-reflection allows me to remember to pursue perspective, specifically the perspective of my neighbor. If I didn't reflect inward, I might never remember to remember my neighbor.

God!, I need grace more than the normal human being. That, too, I only know because of the mirror inside of my mind which causes me to reflect. And I am happy to say that my reflection, although still looking pretty much the same, no longer scares me. Yet another thing I wouldn't know if I didn't actually look.

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