I have been watching CNN during lunch these past days, and which each new reiteration of the battle between Lebanon and Israel, I cringe inwardly at what it all means, and what it all could lead to. During his evening show, Glenn Beck of CNN claims, barely seriously, that we are now, all of us, living through world war three. While I do not agree that things have come to that point, I do see that they could arrive given a few more "localized" battles and incidents.

I feel powerless to do anything about it all. My heart hurts for the deaths of people I have heard about, but never known. I cannot understand all of the happenings, my mind is overwhelmed with "too much". Some around me, and others within this country can be heard saying, "good, let them kill each other". To which I say silently, if they are our brothers, which ones are okay to kill? All of them? All of us? Will it still be "good" when the battle comes back to our shores, as it must at some point?

Is there anything we can do about this to help, we as individuals living in supposedly the most powerful nation on this planet? Does anyone know? If so, please let me know.

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