This post may seem to be written by someone other than me. If you are shocked by what I have to say, if this post takes you by surprise, and you believe I am not being myself, guess again. This is exactly how I feel with regards to what I am about to write.

Can anyone tell me if there has ever been a successful terrorist attack?

By successful, I mean that the attack or series of attacks met a goal that was set in the first place as the REASON behind the attack? I think back to something Osama Bin Laden said several years ago, regarding the main reason behind Al Qaida's terror being the effort to rid Islamic nations of infidels (mainly Americans) and to drive out every last Jew from Israel (oops, I meant Palestine)

I heard of another terorist attack in Iraq this afternoon while driving home. It was in a place that is located some sixty-five miles south of Baghdad, killing fifteen, I believe, and wounding over fifty others. The attack took place in a market, while people were buying vegetables for dinner. I felt enraged inside, to the point where I wanted to grab my hunting rifle when I got home, fly to Iraq, and go terrorist hunting...just for fun.

I'm serious. I am so sick of idiotic fools killing innocent people all in the name of some goofy religious idea, or claiming Jihad or a christian holy writ to murder masses of innocent people all for some vague purpose that no one has ever accomplished even once, so far as I know.

What is the freaking reason again? Oh yeah, Sunnis killing Shiites because Shiites don't wash their hands before dinner or something. (yes, I admit, I truly do not understand the various nuances amongst Islamic sects, for that matter, I don't even understand the various nuances between Christian, hindu, buddhist, and Hari Krishna sects, either)

So I had an idea. Why not kill terrorists for a reason everyone can understand?


I am certain that in his sick, twisted mind, that is a reason Osama Bin Laden could relate to. In fact, he'd probably respect us for it.

Okay, so maybe that is a bit too much...I mean after all, what would my brothers and sisters in Christ say if they knew I wanted to kill terrorists for fun? Would it even be fun?

The truth is, it wouldn't. It would be the saddest thing I could think of doing, but in my frustration, I write these things that I think of, and I am just going to be too stubborn to delete them. Think of me what you will. Or maybe you have harbored some of the same thoughts, and are just too image conscious to speak them out loud?

I hate it when innocent people are killed for no reason. And I'm not sorry for calling crusades and religious temper tantrums "no reason". Deal with it. It isn't a reason, to kill or maim someone you don't know for a cause that uses God as the reason. It's no reason at all. Truth is, about the only thing you can call it is cowardice. And speaking of cowardice, if Osama Bin Laden were a man at all, he'd come out of hiding, instead of squirelling himself away for safety's sake and sending other young men and women to die in his so deserved place. Get some balls, Osama!

I hate it when people who can't defend themselves are picked on, hurt, or killed. I always have. Some people will say "yeah, I hate that", and will agree with me. But you need to to understand what I mean when I say "hate". I mean, I get livid, can't- see- straight, so- angry- that -I -could- crush-concrete -in my -bare- hands- mad! My stomach turns, my head becomes pressurized, and I feel myself start to burn with fever when I see or hear someone who cannot defend themselves being picked on. I hate it! I absolutley, totally, and in all other ways, HATE IT!

I want someone to tell me that terrorists are achiving a worthy goal, or that they have achieved ANY goal at all. Because otherwise, all I see is a bunch of innocent people dying or being hurt by a bunch of temper-tantrum-throwing stupid bullies. And do you know what I want to do to these bullies? Do you want to know? Good God, I don't even know if I want to know that I could be so cruel and self- justifying.

Someone please tell me that the reason terrorists keep terrorizing is because their reign of terror is absolutely effective, and is achieving their every goal. Someone please tell me that everything they have done in the name of some god or some "cause" has ultimately fulfilled every one of their goals. I have searched and searched, first my memory, and then history, and then newspaper archives. I have yet to find even one instance where a terrorist attack, or a series of attacks achieved anything except to kill a bunch of people.

If that is all that is being accomplished, then I think it's time to stop writing or reporting WHY the terrorists kill, and just start reporting the truth.

Here it is.


And there it is. Deny it if you want, if you are a terrorist, but history has proven so far, (and no one has proven otherwise) that terrorism as a means for achieving goals is completely worthless and never, EVER succeeds. Which leaves the only other possible reason for killing innocent people; because you LIKE it.

So killing terrorists for fun, although wrong and not recommended, would at least be speaking in a language that every terrorist everywhere at every time can understand as a good reason. I openly admit that killing terrorists for fun is NOT a good reason, but in my frustration and anger, there are times I would like to try it.

I know there isn't much love in this post. But if you could feel the love I feel that drives me to such anger at the defenseless and innocent being used as pawns in some asshole's game, you might think twice of accusing me of being loveless. It is love for those defenseless innocents that drives me to such an anger. It is love for a child who died, or the bereaved father who cannot understand who could kill a child with a suicide bomb. It is the anticipation of overwhelming grief for those who are robbed of life or their loved ones for goals and reasons that are never, ever accomplished.

It is all so senseless. Except for this...is there anything more pitiful than a suicide bomber who kills no one else but himself? Or maybe is there anything better? Is that what we've come to? That we celebrate the fact that a young man or woman strapped a bomb to themselves because some asshole told them they would be in paradise for doing so, and in the end, they only killed themselves? Do we celebrate that? I mourn it. But I see that they were terrorists, misguided as they were. And maybe, just maybe, the bomb killing only themselves was a blessing. And maybe, just maybe, now that they are with God, they are glad the bomb only killed themselves, too.

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